Can't register device (should I?)

  • I got a simcard from t-mobile through and try to connect my new Sodaq SARA Board. Connecting does not work but I see I should register my device IMEI on (link in the t-mobile iot dashboard). This site seems to be unavailable and in other comments I see ‘Postman’ mentioned.

    • Should I register trough devreg?
    • What is the role of Postman in this?

  • @gbme Hi, please follow manual part 2: register device, also check our parts one and two.


    • No, the devreg tool is obsolete (it was built for the old oceanconnect platorm, which got replaced by Impact)
    • Postman allows you to use API calls to register devices, register an application, delete devices etc, so it basically allows you to manage all your devices!

  • @andre-rodenburg said in Can't register device (should I?):

    manual part 2: register device

    Thanks, for some reason I did not find those manuals but some older stuff!

  • Our new devreg tool will be live within two weeks from now!

    Please sign-up for the new starterkit at

    We will make sure that you get everything before the end of this month. 🙂

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