Raspberry as node

  • Hi,

    is there anyone who is using an RPI as node? I’ve an RPI connected up with various sensors and logic that I would like to use. However I’m not sure what hardware to connect to RPI with to be able to send data once WIFI is not available.

    Any advice?

    MVP2 might be that we leave the RPI and move to some ardruino board.

  • Hi,
    Until now I have not seen examples of this. If you are planning to develop the library yourself we would be very interested to learn about your experience. My guess would be that an GSM 900 library for raspberry pi could be a good starting point to adopt it to our modules in the end it is just about sending AT commands over an serial interface (This is oversimplifying it a bit I know).
    On the hardware side I don’t know what your situation is but I have not seen an HAT for Raspberry Pi yet as well. Anyone?

  • using the pi’s standard uart interface, i got this working.
    Only caveat is to connect the pi’s rx to the shield rx, and tx to tx, so DONT cross !

    Afterwards i found : http://forum.sodaq.com/t/sodaq-shield-with-raspberry-pi/1169


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