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  • Hello,

    I can query / subscribe to a topic from the Cloud of Things via MQTT (and not MQTT-SN) over the internet. I have now figured out the right settings for it. This works e.g. with MQTTBox and MQTT.fx

    That was previously unsuccessful:
    Can I also query a topic via Websocket? Is this implemented in the Cloud of Things? If so, are there concrete examples for that?

    Can I query a topic via e.g. with MQTT and Python (Paho)? If so, are there any examples for this?

    Or does it not work, but you can only use the data on other system “only” by means of the REST queries?

    There are two documents:

    “Cloud of things REST API GIUDE, Version 1.7.2 / 13.04.2018”


    “Cloud of Things User Manual MQTT, Version 1.9 / 12.10.2018”

    And I have some questions about the traffic:
    According to NB-IoT and MQTT-SN, the traffic is accurately recorded/counted by byte at Telekom?
    The access via the Internet to the MQTT gateway (to the broker) is also deducted from the contractual traffic or is it not affected / not counted?

    Many thanks.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT


    Websockets are supported for notifications: http://www.cumulocity.com/guides/reference/real-time-notifications

    Cloud of Things has not implemented a topic-logic, that means also with MQTT the SmartRest-payload is sent via a defined Send and Receive Topic. (see Cloud of Things User Guide MQTT)

    First “steps” can be done very well with the MQTT client mqttfx. Please note that the broker nb-iot.ram.m2m.telekom.com Port 8883 only allows TLS connections.

    It only counts the traffic that is sent over the mobile network.

    Best Regards!

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