MQTT-SN message to Cloud of Things

  • Often we were asked, if we have got an example of a NB-IoT message to Cloud of Things via AT commands…

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    The communication with CoT works only via MQTT-SN protocol. The details can be found in the developer guide…

    A first simply test can be faked. For this a simple CONNECT-Request is sufficient. This message can be sent to the server (the modul is already attached and a UDP-Socket listens on 1883):


    Then <IMSI> and <PW> should be exchanged by registered IMSI/PW combination (i HEX-String-Format). The Server answeres this with a CONNACK, hence the modul yieldst:


    which in turn with


    can be read. Now the module yields :


    The Bytes 030500 represent the CONNACK