What restrictions does the use of NB-IoT have?

  • A suitable application must meet the following criteria:

    • Project takes place where there is NB-IoT Coverage and no roaming is temporarly required. (–> commercial roaming is currently not available yet, planned year is 2020).
    • The required maximum data transfer rate is 230 kbps (UL) or 250 kbps (DL)
    • A latency of up to 10 seconds during data transmission is uncritical (-> no requirement for time-critical data transmission)
    • Localization via GPS is acceptable, since locating by means of network localization (on cell level and/or via triangulation) is not yet implemented in DT network
    • Only data are transmitted (no voice/SMS/CSD)
    • A direct connection between NB-IoT devices is not required (no mesh network)
    • Connection setup for data transmission is initiated from the device (not possible to “wake up” the devices from the server)


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