No connection with Cloud of Things

  • Hello,

    My device stays always into an inactive Status on the Cloud (Connection not monitored and push Connection are both inactive) even if a Connection with the Cloud of Things Gateway was stablished. I have followed the “Beispielsession NB-IoT Access und cloud der Dinge” and I´ve received the notification (030500) from the Gateway.

    How could I change this status on the cloud and receive any data from my device?

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    First of all, before sending any data we need to open a socket with the command


    Afterwards, IMSI and PW need to be converted into the hexstring format. This means the

    IMSI(ascii) = 012345678912345


    IMSI(hexstring) = 303132333435363738393132333435

    and the password

    PW(ascii) = abcdefgh


    PW(hexstring) = 6162636465666768

    putting these values into the AT+NSOST command yields:


    This means the hexstring version of payload has twice as many symbols

    (58) as specified in the number of bytes transferred (29).

    I hope that we this guidance everything will be fine.