Device is not displayed on map

  • Hello,

    the connection now works after a new registration with indication of the IMSI in the column “ICCID” of the registration file. Thank you very much for this hint.

    However, the device does not appear as a “pin” on the device card. (see Cloud of Things manual, chapter 5.5). What requirements must be met for a device to appear on the device card?

    Additional question:

    Is it possible to register one and the same hardware (IMEI) with different IMSI (SIM cards) and optionally establish a connection to the CoT with the connected SIM card? (according to my tests, this does not work, or only if you specify a modified IMEI when registering for the second IMSI).

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    A “pin” can only appear if the Device has sent a position. This ability is related to the functions of the device. Whether this was the case is not clear from the question.

    For devices that are connected to the CoT via NB-IoT or MQTT-SN, the IMSI is the identifier to which the respective password is linked. If you use a different IMSI for the same device, you also need separate credentials for this identifier, i.e. you must register a second device in the CoT. The IMSI must be unique.

    When registering, it is sufficient to first create only the credentials based on the IMSI. An IMEI does not necessarily have to be specified. In this case, no devices need to be deleted from the CoT either, since you then have two different devices in the CoT which are either online or offline depending on the SIM card used. It is only important that the device also uses the credentials coupled with the respective IMSI.

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