Maximum number of messages per day

  • Hi,
    is there an overview of the Cat.NB1 and Cat.M1 tariffs offered by DTAG, showing the maximum number of messages/day and the maximum number of bytes/message allowed depending on the selected tariff?
    Reason for this question:
    On page 3 of the Telekom „IoT Solution Guidelines 2.1 - No Harm to Network“ (see attached) I found this sentence:
    IoT Server Applications communicating with IoT Devices over 3GPP Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) access bearers, such as NB-IoT and LTE-M, SHALL optimize their application reporting period to never exceed Deutsche Telekom affiliate tariff’s daily maximum number of messages."
    I am aware of the limitation regarding the permitted data volume/month (500kByte/month/measuring point in the NB1 network).

    Best regards, Thomas0_1578493276336_IoT Solution Guidelines 2.1 - No Harm to Network.pdf

  • Hi Thomas,

    For NB-IoT, DT recommends not exceeding more than 120 messages per day per device. Use cases requiring more frequent data transmissions would definitely be seen as out of the scope of what NB-IoT has been designed for.

    An overview of the maximum values for NB-IoT and LTE-M isn’t available yet, but will be appended to the associated IoT offerings.

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  • Hi Ronan,
    thanks for your response!
    And what about the maximum length (number of bytes) per message?
    Best regards, Thomas

  • Unfortunately we cannot answer this question at the moment. Please be patient, as we need to discuss the topic with our network experts.
    Best, Noah


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