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  • We are testing in Germany with an eSim from T-mobile and should be sending UDP packages to a server in Norway. Do we need to register somewhere (CDP ?) in order to forward to our server? If so, where to register? This is not necessary in Norway by Telia or Telenor, where it’s just touch and go.
    The quick start guide didn’t mention this.

  • Hi Inge, that is very odd. We don’t have eSIM’s for the Dutch IoT network yet…

  • What exactly do you mean with eSIM? Could it be a MFF SIM card (embedded SIM)?

  • Yes. eSIM - embedded SIM.

  • It is a NB-IOT M2M Basic GSIM MFF TUAK
    delivered from you.

    It is a custom sensor based on nrf9160 from Nordic Semiconductor. This chip is using sockets to set up the modem (not AT commands!). This statement opens the socket: client_fd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0);
    This works fine in Norway with both Telia and Telenor eSIM.
    The sensor sends a UDP packet with this statement: err = send(client_fd, send_buf, sizeof(send_buf), 0); directly to our server (not via Telenor or Telia cloud).
    Is it possible to do the same in Germany?
    We don’t want to send UDP packets via your server (IP, but directly to our server in Norway. Is this possibly also in your network?

    Alternatively we have to send packets to your cloud, and then redirect the traffic to our server. If so, could you please advise how to make your cloud transparent to UDP packets from our sensors.

  • Hi Inge,

    the information provided in this thread is somewhat confusing for me, so I have to ask some questions in return to assess the problem. You state, that you are using an embedded SIM from T-Mobile NL and that you have no access to the Telekom Deutschland network in Germany, is this correct?
    Have you checked, if the card is enabled for roaming within other Natcos of DT? Not all cards are allowed to do so. Your sales contact at T-Mobile NL should be able to provide this information.
    In general we offer cards for testing with access to any given public IP in the the Internet via TCP or UDP. In any case, the addressing needs to be done with the public IP of your server, as our NB-IoT network does not resolve DNS queries.
    Could you also provide the API calls to the nrf9160 which you are using to attach to the network? In particular those for APN configuration, Attach and configuration of bands.

    Best regards,

  • Hi
    The SIM is from Telekom Deutschland. Not Holland. The Germans have given the link to this forum, so there is no connection to Holland from our side. It’s your assumption that this has something to do with Holland. It has not.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Inge,

    alright, I was just confused because of the statement “eSim from T-mobile”. Anyway, this means you have probably a card with the APN is this correct?

    With this a connection to any server in the internet should be possible, as long as you do the addressing via IP.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you Thorsten
    Yes, the APN is
    DNS works with Telia and Telenor, but we need to hardcode the IP here. Understood.

    Best regards


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