Is er hardware voor NB-IoT beschikbaar?

  • Certified NB-IoT Modules

    The market is in its early stages but developing fast, we are collaborating with numerous NB-IoT module suppliers to test and certify their products. T-Mobile Netherlands being part of Deutsche Telekom group relies on DT for providing device certifications on our LPWAN network.

    List of Deutsche Telekom Certified Modules

    Quectel BC95 Series (PDF)
    Quectel BC95-B8

    U-blox SARA-N2 series
    u-blox SARA-N200
    u-blox SARA-N211

    To aquire U-blox and Quectell NB-IoT enabled modules you can approach the Dutch suppliers Adelco (U-Blox) and TOP-electronics (Quectel)

    Starterkits with certified modules

    We’ve tested our networks with the SODAQ developer kit and the evaluation kits from Ublox and Quecktell, in this list you’ll find the starter-kits we found to have certified modules. If you have experience with other starter-kits and modules, we are happy to hear about it.

    EasyRF ERF3001, NB-IoT Arduino Shield

    Ublox - C030 Application Board
    NB-IoT and 2G/3G Mbed Enabled IoT starter kit

    akorIoT – NB-IoT shield with Arduino header /
    Arduino-Shield für IoT Für Mobilfunkmodule – incl. LTE-Cat-NB1

    NB-IOT Arduino Shield from Sodaq

    NB | DESK Exelonix evaluation kits

    Quicktell GSM/NB-IoT EVB Kit

    Currently known starterkits

    GSMA maintains a list of the available NB-IoT enabled kits here
    Note: IOT@T-Mobile currently only supports Band 8 enabled modules

  • Uiteraard mag ook contact opgenomen worden met AVE (Telit) voor modules

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