NBIoT Roaming

  • In April an announcement was made roaming would soon be available in 19 countries ( https://www.telekom.com/en/media/media-information/archive/mobile-iot-roaming-goes-live-across-europe-598700 )

    Is there any update on this? i only see 9 countries listed on https://iot.telekom.com/en/connectivity/business-smart-connect/lpwa-tariff-details

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    As usual with these corporate press releases, this is just an annoucement indeed…🙄

    The availibility of NB-IoT roaming on Deutsche Telekom IoT simcards depends on a few things:

    • The formal process between Swisscom, Telia, Vodafone and DT needs to be completed
    • Local DT unit (T-Mobile Poland, Telekom Deutschland, T-Mobile Netherlands etc.) needs to ready to provide roaming simcards

    But the simcards that we provide at iot.t-mobile (soon to be iotcreators.com) already have the right profile to roam in 18 countries! 🙂 We’re currently testing it and we can use some help here.

    For now these countries are confirmed:
    Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republuc

    Currently we are testing in these countries:
    United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden

    Looking for testers in:
    Norway, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Greece, Hungary

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Czech Republic is confirmed!